Memory loss is often associated with aging but according to a new study, men under 45 years old who eat a lot of trans fats are also likely to suffer from bad memory.

Researchers at UC San Francisco followed 1,000 healthy men who ate various amounts of trans fats, and they found that the men in that age range who ate the most did the worst on a word recall test, wrote WebMD.

What was the discovery?

The more trans fats you have in your daily diet, the more you will have difficulty with your memory. Their findings show that those who consumed most trans fats (about 15 grams per day) recalled approximately 0.76 fewer words—that means 11 to 12 words short of 86.

Their theory is that these unhealthy fats intrude the body’s healthy cells including the brain cells, consequently compromising their healthy function.  This study about the association of memory loss and trans fats further scientists’ pursuit of preventing fatal brain disease.

How can I fight memory loss?

Memory loss is one of those ugly signs of aging and the truth about it remains: poor memory will cause you plenty of disadvantages. However, the good news is you can always choose to have a good fighting chance against it. A healthy diet plus a good food supplement such as LifeBotanica’s Age Defying are keys to a healthier memory even as you age.

The secret is to prevent it from happening and halt its progression. Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and fruit vitamins are essential to overall health and longevity. Vitamins B, C, E, and D increase cognitive performance and all of these and more are found in LifeBotanica’s Age Defying. Also, the antioxidants present in LifeBotanica’s Age Defying plus resveratrol can ward off the harmful effects of trans fats in your body by eliminating the toxins, repairing damaged cells, and fortifying the cells’ defenses.

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