Losing weight can be a real struggle. Sticking to a strict diet and exercise plan for months on end is tough. So, many people decide not to lose the weight.

They figure, if it isn’t bothering them now, why go through all the trouble of losing it? What might not seem like a problem now, can become one later though…

The more weight you gain, the harder it becomes to lose it. This starts a never ending cycle that ends with your waistline growing larger every year. While everyone’s body type is a little different we’re sure you know about the dangers of being overweight.

It can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even depression. [1] So it’s in your best interest to lose extra weight now before it starts to affect your health.

But there’s one HUGE thing standing in your way. Losing weight is hard! To lose weight you need to do two things: diet and regular exercise.

Most people start a new diet with high hopes and tons of motivation. But after a few weeks, they’re back to their old routine and may even be in worse shape than when they started. What if there was a way to make staying on track easier and lose weight faster? 

Can Dandelion Root Help You Lose Weight?


It turns out dandelion could be the key to helping you lose weight. Have you wondered why dandelion root has gotten so much attention recently?

Well, scientists have learned that it’s way more than a nuisance in your yard. Some people have even started calling it a miracle herb for all the ways it can improve your health.

One of the ways dandelion improves your health is by helping you lose weight faster. Dandelion root banishes bloating from your body, slows down fat absorption and even makes exercise easier!

Detox Complete has dandelion and 5 other natural ingredients to help you lose weight faster.

Does Dandelion Root Help With Water Weight?




Dandelion root can help you drop extra water weight fast. It does this by making you urinate more.urine you make, the less water weight your body holds on to.

One study showed that even one dose of dandelion was enough to make you urinate more. [2] The researchers even noticed a bonus benefit of dandelion root. The study participants had more bowel movements with dandelion.

So, Dandelion root can help you lose weight by purging extra water and waste from your body. Another way dandelion root boosts weight loss is by lowering inflammation. [3] It soothes painful joints to release extra water from your body.

While losing water weight is great for motivation in the beginning, you need a way to keep losing weight. Dandelion root can help you do that by slowing down fat absorption.

Does Dandelion Root Burn Fat?




Scientists recently discovered a very unique thing about the dandelion plant. An animal study found that it slows down fat absorption. [4] When your body can’t absorb fat, you end up storing less of it.

A popular obesity drug called Orlistat mimics dandelion’s effects. One of the downsides of Orlistat is that it can cause digestion issues.

This could throw your weight loss journey off track. It’s hard enough to stick to your diet and exercise routine without adding a stomach ache into the mix. You can avoid side effects like this by trying a natural alternative like dandelion root. Plenty of studies have shown how safe it is.

Detox Complete Day has effective doses of dandelion root to slow down fat absorption.

To lose weight you have to exercise, there’s no getting around it. But many people struggle to stick to an exercise routine. The third way dandelion can help you lose weight is by making it easier for you to exercise.

Is Dandelion Root Energizing?




Burning more calories than you eat is essential to losing weight. Staying motivated to work out while eating less can be a real challenge for people though. You’ll be happy to learn that dandelion root may be able to help you work out longer.

An animal study showed dandelion root increases physical endurance. [5] While we need more research to show this effect in humans, these studies are encouraging. Try dandelion root yourself to learn if it makes exercise easier for you.

Detox Complete Day has much more than dandelion root to help you lose weight. 6 natural ingredients combine to purge toxins, urine, and waste from your body. Experience the health-boosting, fat-burning, body cleansing effects for yourself. Order your bottle of Detox Complete today!

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