Why is LifeBotanica DetoxComplete Different?

Most importantly, all of our Ingredients are Clinically Studied and have significant detox properties at the cellular level which means no dehydration as a result of unnecessary laxatives.

Our program is a *total body cleansing* solution, not simply a colon cleansing laxative product. The proprietary formula restores your system at a cellular level. You’ll wake up feeling better, lighter and with much more energy, like a totally new person.

Detox Complete is based on Powerful proprietary blend extracted from European Natural and Pure Herbs that are combined together to play a vital role in Cleansing and Protecting both, the Kidneys and Liver. It also reduces the body fat percentage and guards our cells against chemical damages.

All Natural

LifeBotanica DetoxComplete cleanses your body at a cellular level, making it far more efficient than simple colon cleansing alternatives.

A Total Body Cleanse

LifeBotanica DetoxComplete has been specifically designed to keep your body healthy and hydrated during the detoxing process

Clinically Proven

The ingredients in LifeBotanica Detox Complete have been scientifically proven to help you achieve a healthier look and promote “Beauty From Within”.


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LifeBotanica DetoxComplete is backed with a 100% money back guarantee so if you don’t love it, we’ll refund your money!

Customer Testimonials

<strong>Sarah Kesner - New York, USA</strong>
“For me personally, I feel full of energy. By the end of the 2nd week I experienced this wonderful feeling of lightness. My constant burdensome bloating finally ceased to exist. Read More…
Sarah Kesner - New York, USA
<strong>Ester Horvitz CMC, CITRMS</strong>
“I just turned 56. I am in a very active transition into menopause. It is the hardest time to lose weight and the most important time in a women’s life where health has to take center stage. I’ve been attempting to lose 40lbs. Read More…
Ester Horvitz CMC, CITRMS
<strong>Joseph Stanford - Connecticut, USA.</strong>
“I never believed the validity of detox products until I tried out the Life Botanica 2-Step Detoxcomplete program. I enjoy drinking and partying on the weekends. Read More…
Joseph Stanford - Connecticut, USA.

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