Probiotic 40 Billion: Total Gut Health

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Probiotic 40 Billion total gut health is a blend of 4 strains (40 billion CFU/g) of clinically and scientifically studied probiotic bacteria. Our probiotic supplement is designed to provide and deliver a high potent balance of beneficial bacteria deep into the gut. By taking this product on a regular basis Probiotic 40 Billion can help assist in maintaining healthy intestinal flora. This probiotic blend contains 4 acid-resistant strains for a well-balanced gut microbiome and utilizes the MAKTREK® Bi-pass Technology for delivery of the probiotics deep into the gut. Boost your immunity and good bacteria levels while nurturing your gut to support overall health.

• Boosts digestive health.
• Helps replenish healthy bacteria.
• Helps boost immunity and strengthen the body’s defenses.
• 100% all natural. Non-GMO. Gluten-free. Lactose free. Corn free.

“At LifeBotanica we are committed to your good health. We have been formulating trusted products backed by science and made with only the purest, all natural ingredients…guaranteed to give you the most out of everyday life.”