The liver is one of the most hardworking an multitasking organs in the human body. A few of its functions are removing wastes and toxins from the blood, producing digestive bile, and storing sugar for the future use. That’s why it is essential that we exert effort in taking care of it.

For today, I am not going to tell you tips which may sound hard to do. Here, I’m giving you three tips that you’ll surely love and enjoy.

1. Drink beers that contain more hops.

Sounds odd, doesn’t it? Well, thank the scientists for they just gave us a reason to enjoy the tastiest beers. I know questions are now popping in your mind, so let me give you the background story. A recent study conducted by a group of German researchers revealed that drinking beers with higher levels of hops can actually mitigate the negative effects of alcohol on the liver. Sounds good?

The data of the study showed that fat accumulation in the liver (cause of fatty liver disease) caused by drinking hoppy beers was significantly less than the accumulation caused by consuming the regular beer.

So, you better get all the hoppy beers ready for the holidays! Bottom’s up for the best beers!

2. Try some unique juices.

More than just the common orange, pineapple and apple juices, serious taking care of your liver will make you want to try the unique juices from different places. A few of these liver-friendly juices are:

  • Blueberry Juice
    Blueberry juice helps counteract liver fibrosis by increasing the protective proteins and improving the liver’s ability to handle oxidative stress.
  • Blood Orange Juice
    Does that sound a little creepy? Blood Orange Juice, as it is called, protects the liver against fat accumulation. It also reduces weight gain, lowers cholesterol, and increases insulin sensitivity.
  • Noni Fruit Juice
    Noni is a tropical fruit-bearing plant. In 2008, the journal “Plant Foods and Human Nutrition” published a study focused on the performance of noni fruit juice in protecting the liver. It concluded that, indeed, noni juice protects the liver from damage caused by exposure to toxins.

3. Take a Liver Support Formula

We all need support. That is a fact of life that most of us agree with. Just like the support we get from family, friends, colleagues, boss, or social media followers, the health support that we get from dietary supplements is essential for us to live a better life. It is always easier to achieve our goal when we have some support behind us, right?

Let me introduce to you a sure support which will never fail to keep your liver at its best shape – Life Botanica’s Detox Complete Night, a triple action daily liver support formula. To assure you that I am not blabbing about this, let me share a few of its best features:

  1. Its ingredients are natural herbs harvested from the rich soil of Romania, which have been clinically proven to work not just on the liver, but also on the pancreas.
  2. It is a pure natural product which helps enhance detoxication process at the cellular level.
  3. Its work doesn’t end in the liver. It also helps improve the metabolic disorders of the digestive, circulatory and excretory systems.
  4. It does not contain corn, soy, wheat, yeast, lactose, citrus, milk, egg or fish products, sugar, salt, starch and artificial flavoring or preservatives. You’re assured it is safe to take despite your allergies and lactose-intolerance.

Now, why did I suddenly share about this? It is because I uphold the value of the natural way of taking care of our best treasure – our body. Body cleansing or removal of toxins, which is the key route of Detox Complete Night’s role in keeping your liver healthy, is a silent feature of holistic healing.

Aren’t these three tips lovable? Visit now and have a taste of the best support you can have in taking care of your live.