Be Aware of the Difference Between LAXATIVES and a Healthy DETOX

Dr. Oz aired an episode on February 5th regarding the excessive use of laxatives to lose weight.  If you saw this feature, you already know about the truly terrifying reality of this problem. In a society that pressures women to look thin, so many people resort to unhealthy answers for a quick fix. What they don’t realize are the repercussions that laxatives have on the body or the capacity for recreational use to turn into addiction.

Dr. Oz discusses four kinds of laxatives: fiber, osmotic, stool softening, and stimulants, the last being the most threatening to your body. These treatments can lead to irreparable internal damage, such as in the colon, which has an incredibly thin and delicate nerve lining. Other ramifications include kidney failure and deterioration of the gastrointestinal system, which is permanent. Laxatives also tamper with the electrolyte balance in your body and can lead to irregular heartbeat and death. Constant use of them slowly and painfully decreases your ability to maintain a happy lifestyle.

LifeBotanica Products

As a woman, I understand what it is like to feel weight-conscious. From observing how slender actresses are nowadays to eyeing that little black dress in your closet, weight can be a very sensitive topic. I want you to understand the severity of using laxatives for weight loss, but I also wish to clarify the difference between laxatives and quality detox products. Laxatives are addictive and destructive; they dehydrate your body, rob it of essential nutrients, and cripple your organs. An effective detox product, however, is a lifestyle choice that contributes holistically to your health and replenishes your body. It eliminates dangerous toxins and helps you shed weight naturally.

The goal of the LifeBotanica detox products is to repair and restore your internal organs health; kidneys, colon, liver, and pancreas, while providing your body with energy. Our products are natural, pure and gentle, and can restore your body to health. Detox Complete will not rob you of nutrients.  These rare herbs will cleanse, rejuvenate and purify your body of sludge and toxins that have accumulated over time, and will effectively boost your immune system by creating a botanical shield.

The idea is we need to gently tune our bodies as we tune our cars.  By understanding what is best for your body and lifestyle, you will truly be able to find internal peace.