The Water of Life

by Judith Stanton

Judith Stanton

Our lives are brimming with stress and fatigue. We rush to buy groceries, to meet an office deadline, or simply to cook dinner. We saturate our minds with thoughts and worries, but take for granted the one thing our cells crave for our bodies to function properly. Water. Not just any water – safe water. Do you know 500 chemicals are used to purify water so we can drink it safely? Keep reading. This is where you say no to chemicals, and yes to clean Living Water.

An astounding breakthrough was made that provided the background research on which Pi Water use is based on today. Specifically, the process for transforming standard drinking water into a living water.

The reality for us all is that if we could open our back doors to walk to a cool mountain stream for water, we would.

Harmful microbes, a main source of gastrointestinal illness are present in treated water. That is why treatment plants add chlorine to the treated water to kill microbes. Yet, chlorine is itself a pollutant and is one of the most harmful chemicals found in our water! Agricultural chemicals which leech into the ground are also present in treated water. Inorganic contaminants such as lead, mercury, cyanide and asbestos, to mention a few, are common and contribute to a wide range of diseases and disorders.

pimag-waterEven with strict government standards, many treatments plants fail to maintain even the minimum standards to remove these harmful pollutants. Regardless of the source, your water is exposed to serious and continuous toxic threat that is harmful to the health of you and your family.

There is a solution. Nikken, the #1 leading health and wellness company in Japan, developed powerful PiMag® Deluxe Advanced Water Systems. This water system combines a mesh pre-filter, advanced carbon filtration, pi-water technology, far-infrared energy technology, and magnetic energy technology.

“Pi Water is water that contains a specific mineral compound vibrating at a high-energy state that actually improves the water molecules ability in your cells to carry information that enhances all forms of life.”

Water comes in many forms – from the tap in your kitchen to bottled water in the grocery store. All water is necessary for life, but not all water can enhance life.

In addition to the above, Pi Water suppresses the increase of excessive free radicals (oxygen peroxide) and keeps the body relatively free from oxidation attack. One of the causes of premature aging is due to oxidation to the various systems in the body. By strengthening the anti-oxidation ability of the body, aging may slow. When Pi Water is absorbed into the body, it carries more oxygen, which your body needs, than tap or bottled water. Bottled water adds adds insult to injury due to the chemicals in the plastic.

It is important to note that cancer cannot be active in oxygen rich circumstances. Also important to note is that aerobic microbes (good for us), can be active in Pi Water while non-aerobic microbes (not good for you), can not. This is extremely beneficial because this creates an unfriendly environment for cancer.

The following image highlights an experiment done by Dr. Chad Nielson. Sweet potatoes were organically grown using different types/sources of water (tap water, reverse osmosis, well water, and Nikken  PiMag®).


This is a direct example of what occurs within the cells of the body. Notice how the tap water and the reverse osmosis water dehydrates the potaotes.

The choice is yours. Do you wish to thrive or not?

Judith Stanton, Founder/CEO of Stanton Healthcare Group, is a Wellness and Spa Consultant for over twenty-five years. She developed, owned and operated a premiere medical spa in Wilton, Ct. and consults and educates client Wellness Centers, Spas and individuals on how to live a more healthful life.   Judith has authored many articles and been quoted as a source of authority on Wellness issues, along with Healthcare issues, where her career began.