Anti-aging medicine is more popular than ever these days. You may already use natural products to boost your health. But did you know that some of them may help you live longer? Resveratrol is a plant polyphenol (chemical) found in red wine, blueberries and grapes.

Research shows it has the potential to help people live longer. It promotes healthy aging and protects your body from disease to boost longevity. Some research shows it can even help reverse wrinkles.

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What is the benefit of taking resveratrol?




Research has shown that resveratrol has many promising benefits. One of the benefits is that it slows down aging. It does this by telling SIRT1 (a protein in your body) to make antioxidants. These antioxidants promote healthy aging throughout your body.

They do this by balancing free radicals. Your body creates free radicals when your cells go through chemical changes. Even though it’s normal to have free radicals, too many of them can lead to serious health problems.

When free radicals go unbalanced oxidative stress happens. Oxidative stress isn’t always a bad thing, your body uses it to keep you healthy. When you get sick or injured your immune system triggers oxidative stress to help.

This leads to mild inflammation that usually goes away once the problem is fixed. But some scientists think long-term oxidative stress can raise your disease risk.

Too much of it can lead to diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. [1] That’s where antioxidants come in. They pair with free radicals to lower your risk of developing oxidative stress. You can boost your body’s ability to make antioxidants in three ways:

  1. Include antioxidant rich foods in your diet (like broccoli, carrots and potatoes).
  2. Lifestyle changes (lower your stress and get enough sleep).
  3. Take antioxidant supplements (Resveratrol is a great option).

Resveratrol helps lower oxidative stress in your body. Less oxidative stress means decreased inflammation and a lower risk of developing disease. [1] One of the best ways to get enough resveratrol is with natural supplementation. Still, some people wonder if it’s safe to take resveratrol daily.

Is it safe to take resveratrol daily?




Earlier we mentioned that resveratrol is a natural plant polyphenol. It’s found in over 70 plant species and humans have studied it for decades. Since it’s all-natural, resveratrol could be safer than non-natural alternatives.

Synthetic ingredients can be dangerous to your health. That isn’t the case with resveratrol! You can add it to your anti-aging routine without worrying about side effects. It’s important to use the right dose though.

One study found normal doses ranging from 2.5 g to 5 g are generally safe to take without having side effects. [2] It’s important to know that the test subjects in this study were all healthy. So these results may vary in sick populations 

Taking more than 5 grams of resveratrol can lead to nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Stick to normal sized doses (less than 5 g) to help prevent side effects. Our Age-Defying supplement has clinically effective doses of resveratrol.

You can use it to fight back against aging! We understand if you’re still skeptical though. Can resveratrol live up to the hype? And does it actually reduce aging?

Does resveratrol reduce aging?




Before answering this question it’s helpful to know what aging is. As your body ages it has a harder time defending and repairing itself. Over time it becomes weaker and you may get sick more often.

People use anti-aging medicine to prevent this (or at least slow it down). It treats the causes of aging and it can even help you recover from age-related sickness! 

Humans have studied hundreds of plants in search of the fountain of youth. Could resveratrol be the key?

Let’s look at the evidence. Several animal studies have shown that resveratrol promotes a longer lifespan. One study found that resveratrol helps mice live longer. Another study found the same effect in fish! [3]

But what does that mean for you? After all, animal studies don’t always hold up in human research. Human clinical trials have been promising so far. Some clinical trials suggest resveratrol can promote a longer lifespan in humans too. [3] 

Other studies have shown that taking resveratrol can decrease your disease risk. [3] Obesity, diabetes and even some cancers have shown benefits from resveratrol use.

These diseases stress your body and can speed up aging. Resveratrol lowers your risk of developing them which can slow down aging. Learning about how resveratrol slows down aging inside your body is great. But what about your skin? Does resveratrol reverse wrinkles?

Does resveratrol reverse wrinkles?



Many people complain about getting older and dealing with skin changes. As you age you’ll begin to notice more fine lines and wrinkles. Could resveratrol be the answer to your wrinkle-worries?

In one study researchers gave women a collagen-resveratrol supplement. The women in the study struggled with wrinkles, fine lines and other skin problems.

After taking the supplement for 3 months the women reported good results. 6 months after the study started the women were much happier with their skin. [4]

They had less wrinkles, lighter age spots and softer skin. So if you struggle with wrinkles or skin problems resveratrol can help! 

Quick recap:

Resveratrol is a plant polyphenol (chemical). that can benefit you in many different ways. Resveratrol promotes healthy aging by making antioxidants and protecting your body from disease.

Laboratory and animal studies have proven resveratrol’s anti-aging effects. Clinical trials suggest it can do the same for humans but we need more research to confirm this. Resveratrol combined with collagen may help reverse wrinkles and improve your skin.

Try our Age Defying with Resveratrol supplement to experience these benefits for yourself. Order your bottle today!


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