Finally the spring seem to have arrived in New York.. There’s something about flowers blooming and weather changing that starts me thinking about “spring cleaning.
The entire house needs deep cleaning stating with windows and every corner of the house need refreshing. While we do this for our homes and cars one must think of our Body cleansing and our body restoring to a total well-being and proper health. That’s why I recommend internal cleansing and detoxification around this time each year as an opportunity to recharge and revitalize.

For you first time cleansers out there, you may not realize that cleansing can’t be done all at once, at least not easily. It’s important to begin by supporting all seven channels of elimination—blood, skin, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs, liver and yes, your bowels. Bet you didn’t realize so much of your body is actually involved in the detoxification process.

You’ll want to support all 7 channels so you minimize cleansing reactions (mild to very unpleasant symptoms). Symptoms happen due to what is known as “die off.” Die off occurs when harmful organisms die in the body and release toxins. This is also known as a Herxheimer reaction. The body is overwhelmed by poisons and the channels of elimination can’t get rid of them fast enough.

We at LifeBotanica developed the 21 Days Detox Program, for Total Body Cleanse, Body detox . Our Cleansing, programs is though out to be step-by-step, well-organized process. Unless you’re a regular cleanser, your first step would be a Total Body Cleanse, designed specifically to open and support those seven channels of elimination while preparing your body for deeper detoxification.

Many people are correct in suspecting that an underlying cause of their health problems is a dysbiotic (imbalanced) microflora in the digestive tract caused by an overgrowth of either Candida or parasites. For these people, a Candida or Parasite Cleanse should be undertaken along with a shift in their daily eating habits. It’s important to note that it’s counterproductive to attempt a microbial cleanse and still continue to eat sugars and starchy carbohydrates since these foods powerfully stimulate the growth of both pathogenic bacteria and parasites.

Other people, depending on their unique physiology and health concerns, may instead choose to next focus on a specific organ cleanse, like a Liver or Kidney detox. There are cleanses designed for many other issues and circumstances as well.

The program we designed is meant to support your healthy eating along with your 21 days Detox . We have designed step by step menu for the 3 weeks to support you in achieving the total body cleansing, but losing a few pounds the way.