The holidays, what a beautiful time of the year, parties, the traditional foods your mom or grandma special recipes have been sampled, the cookies, an extra drink, are just a few things you may encounter and add to your beautiful and slim waist. The weather changes, the temperature drops, but our bodies know that seasonal change is coming. The New Year season is one of renewal, which is why it is the perfect time of year for a Total –Body Cleanse, and with it a Body Sliming.

Day to day our bodies are exposed to more harmful toxins than ever before.

The large number of pollutants we encounter every day complicates the body’s detoxification efforts. We are living in a toxic soup of polluted air, water, food and electromagnetic toxins. There’s no end to the toxicity to which our bodies are exposed. Our bodies are exposed to more harmful toxins than ever before in history. We breathe them in, chew them up, and carry them around without even realizing it. Most times we cannot see or smell toxins such as plastics, household cleaners, pesticides, non-stick cookware. Over time, they build up in our cells and tissues, often leading to poor health, premature aging, decreased immunity and chronic disease. Okay, I’ll stop. I don’t want to depress you. In fact, please continue reading. There is hope!

Our bodies are naturally equipped with a good cleansing system. There are seven ways your body can dispose of toxic waste: the lungs, liver, lymphatic system, kidneys, skin, blood and bowel (colon). They all work together to get the toxins out.

Well, do not fool yourself. Your body can handle only so much, and the channels of elimination can become overwhelmed. That’s where herbal cleansing formulas (total-body cleanses) come in. These formulas provide the added support your body needs to cleanse, eliminate, and repair. Regularly noticed benefits of cleansing include weight loss, increased energy, better mental clarity and improved overall health.

If you are a first-time cleanser, consider beginning with a gentle, total-body cleanse containing whole herbs, which are milder than deep-cleansing herbal extracts. These formulas will also contain a blend of enzymes and nutrients to enhance digestion and absorption and will often include a gentle colon cleanse, supporting healthy elimination.

Following a total-body cleanse, a more targeted cleanse may be recommended to provide support to specific organs or areas of the body. For example, a natural kidney cleanse formula may include herbs like stinging nettle, corn silk, parsley and dandelion to support healthy kidney, bladder and urinary tract function.

Periodic cleansing, along with a daily maintenance program, is an essential part of maintaining health, naturally. A lot of people ask if they should continue to take the other nutritional supplements. We always recommend talk to your doctor.