You may have heard or read reports about red wine being a rich source of resveratrol, an effective antioxidant. If you are one of the people who are curious about how this antioxidant actually helps our body become beautiful from the inside, keep reading.

Let us start by talking about the French tradition. For hundreds of years, France has been known for being the world’s greatest producer of wines. Incredibly, it is also known to be a country of beauty. One of the factors is actually their diet. Aside from having the best-presented food in the world, the presence of red wine to grace their meals is also something really noteworthy.

Let me tell you how wines affect both the inner and outer beauty of those who regularly drink it. Among the many kinds of wines, red wine stands in demand not only for its pleasant taste, but also because of its health benefits.

Red wine is rich in resveratrol which helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Researchers suggest that resveratrol exhibits anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-depressant activities. It also has a cholesterol lowering property which is greatly needed when we age. In addition to that, resveratrol further stimulates the SIRT1 gene which helps slow down the aging process of the body. In short, resveratrol from red wine does a lot to protect the body from cellular damage and undesired signs of aging. Need less to say how many glasses of wine you need to have the right nutritional value ? I am afraid to many that why is highly recommended that you supply the needs of your body with nutritional supplements.

These are the reasons why LifeBotanica Company formulated its Age Defying Formula to contain resveratrol along with other proven-effective ingredients such as grape seed extract, Setria – TM Glutathione, and proprietary super fruit blend. Age Defying Formula it is an Anti Aging Vitamins designed to keep the body healthy and beautiful “beauty from with in “,LiifeBotanica’s Age Defying Formula will revitalize not just your skin, hair and nails, but your whole body.

The astounding fact is… You can protect your body and brain from age related decline with age defying vitamins

  • Age Defying draws it`s power from primary ingredient called Resvertrol 500. This unique supplement has been proven in studies to enrich your daily defenses against the environmental stresses, toxins a Age Defying –antiaging Vitamin features various antioxidants that not only help reverse the signs of aging but actually also help to slow down the aging process at a biological level.

How is it possible?

  • Because ours is the 1st product of its kind to hit the US market that directly targets the SIRT1 gene.
  • What is the incredible gene?
  • Also known as “Longetivity Gene”, the SIRT1 gene is the key to looking younger and living longer.
  • Age Defying contains ResVinolTm which boosts the work of the SIRT1 gene, enabling it fight aging even more effectively and live a longer and healthier life.
  • Other significant antioxidants, such as Grape Seed Extract and SertiaTM, help prevent further cell damage by protecting cell membranes from oxidative damage, stop freeing radicals in their tracks, reversing the damage that causes wrinkles and body damage.
  • In short, age defying – as anti-aging vitamins combines anti-oxidants power to combat aging through genetic nutrition by stimulating the gene that fights the aging process. To learn more go to

To your health,

Petronely Grindea