The Science of Anti Aging

by: Petronely Grindea, LifeBotanica Owner

The Science of Anti Aging

Recently, I had the opportunity to present a talk in front of a large group of accomplished business women in New York City. The subject was “The Beauty within and the importance of Body Detox on Your Health and Wellness”.

Looking around the room, I observed an incredible group of women and realized the majority of the audience was filled with baby boomers. Mature women who have achieved great accomplishments in the business world; women who have control of their life, and the financial power to stay active and productive indefinitely. Considering the society we live in and its bombarding focus on a culture of youth, you can bet that most of these women are looking to improve their bodies and stay young, healthy and beautiful.

Representing the beauty industry for over the twenty-five years with expertise in Spa and Wellness Industries and as a former executive director in Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder, I had the opportunity to work with the largest and oldest plastic surgeons group in the country, Long Island Plastic Surgery Group. So many of the questions at this talk were focused on the science of anti-aging, starting with nutritional supplements and continuing with beauty enhancements achieved with the help of Dermatologists or Plastic Surgeons.

Since the conference only allotted for discussion on some of these essential topics, I dedicated my blog at and the page www.LifeBotanica @Facebook to answer all those questions. Through these social networking sites, I am prepared to tackle some of the concerns and questions expressed by this group of extraordinary women. As well, I will be answering any other questions coming along as time progresses in the theme, Health and Beauty: How can we prolong staying Young and Beautiful.

One of the most frequently asked questions is: Is it really possible to stop the Aging Process????

So throughout the week I will be answering this question through the scope of my knowledge?

We can’t stop the aging process, but we certainly can slow it down.

The Anti aging field is very complex and is evolving rapidly based on new research conducted by many universities and clinics around the world. In the area of Nutritional Supplements, Body Cleansing and Body Detox there are been many conflicted ideas.

One factor is very certain today: the chemical treatments used on the soil that produces our food and vitamins are depleting us of the essential nutrients needed to maintain healthy lifestyles. As a result, Herbal Body Detox, Colon Detox, Liver, Pancreas and Kidney Detox are a frequent necessity. Since the chemical revolution began after World War II, our bodies are exposed to about 60,000 chemicals throughout a lifetime. Only now are we beginning to learn about how they are damaging our delicate cellular codes, causing mutations and contributing to degenerative diseases. Our air, food, water, and environment are laden with toxins. Since food is so depleted of the necessary vitamins and nutrients we need to add dietary supplements to compensate for what the food no longer provides.

As part of the fight against aging, many people resource the field of Holistic medicine. In Europe, holistic medicine has been practiced for centuries. Unfortunately, in the USA many time the word Holistic has been attached to some bogus characters, who have tricked people into treatments without results just for the love of money.

You might remember an episode from the comedy sitcom, Seinfeld. George is seeking advice from Kramer, who refers him to a Holistic “Doctor”. The result was catastrophic and George ends up in the hospital; pretty funny, but not if it occurs in real life. Never the less, over the last decade people seek alternatives to medicine and there are some prestigious centers which deliver results. Check out the site to get an idea of alternative treatments available.

Coming back to the power of food: We certainly know now that “we are what we eat.” I’d like to reference cases where severely ill patients found no results with modern medicine treatments, but were found success through adhering to strict dietary regimens. I am sure that most of you have read or heard about Suzanne Summer’s many books which give “recipes” for staying healthy and young. Some of her books became very controversial since she ventured on a much disputed territory of alternative hormone therapy and holistic approaches to illnesses, like cancer.

What Susan Summer and other authors talk about have a lot of substance and is based on their experience and research, however they should not replace a good doctor’s advice when one has a deadly disease.

My honest opinion is that achieving good health, longevity and well-being require a comprehensive lifestyle approach. Definitely our health is determined by the life style we lead.

The choices you make in life are already proven that beyond your genetic it will make a tremendous difference of how you will get to the finish lane. The majority of healthy choices are the basic common sense for most of us: not smoking, avoid excessive drinking and exercising regularly, balance diet, being happy and coming to terms with your emotional compound, avoiding major stress should help the process.

Let’s revisit the Genetics:

It is your predetermined heritage and you can not do too much about it. But you can work on lifestyle nutrition and research free radicals exposure which affect our genes.


A great deal of research shows that the body level of hormones declines with age. The most important to recognize is Estrogen and Progesterone, a phenomenon which for women is called Menopause.

The other hormones are testosterone in man (in women too), growth hormone and the adrenal hormone DHEA. Melatonin also declines in some people. Unfortunate with aging the blood level of some hormones increase. Tissue resistance to insulin can result in increasing the fasting levels in response to meals. This certainly affects the increase of cardiovascular dose and diabetes and cancer. In the other hand high level of stress can elevate the cortisol level which simply can affect your brain function and immune system.

There has been much talk about menopause for women; men too go through the changes just as important, except that the process is much slower. Man start loosing the testosterone in their early 30th but is going at different rate; as a result their bodies are affected in slower motion. Unfortunate for women the process goes faster and for some the phenomenon it can come very sudden and it can feel like you have been hit by a truck. Unfortunate most symptoms are not just physical but as also emotional. Many women feel devastated by the symptoms and they are resurging to hormone therapy or alternative to hormone @Holistic help.

Hormone should not be used without being prescribed by a doctor.


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