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Life Botanica Life Extension Recipes - Roasted Root Vegetables

Roasted Root Vegetables

These roasted root vegetables make grounding and deeply nourishing meal that will help you feel satisfied and full during your detox. Roasted vegetables are the ultimate healthy comfort food.


(Use organic whenever possible) Use any or all of the following root vegetables: Onions, Garlic, Leeks, Carrots, Potatoes, Daikon Radish, Yams, Winter Squash, Turnips, Parsnips, Beets. Use one of the following spice suggestions: Basil & oregano, curry, garam masala, thyme & sage, cumin & garlic powder, rosemary & parsley, Spike, Old Bay or Chinese 5 Spice


  • Preheat your oven to 375 degrees F.
  • Chop root vegetable into fairly uniform bite sized pieces.
  • Toss with olive oil and herbs/spices of your choice and salt to taste.
  • Bake in a casserole dish for about 45 minutes or until vegetables are tender to a fork and browned a bit. Check after 30 minutes and toss.
  • If you’re using beets and you don’t want them to dye everything red keep them off to the side in the pan instead of mixing them in with everything else.