LifeBotanica is a research-driven company. Our processing technology and product formulations are inspired by cutting-edge technology and supported by extensive research. Our products Ingredients have been clinically studied by trusted facilities such as Mayo Clinic.

200 Years of traditions has been validated by healing with the power of our exceptional formulas.  These formulas have changed people’s life in Europe for over two centuries. The grand tradition of botanical healing has carried on, from the Austro Hungarian Empire to today.   Modern laboratories have established new research and an unparalleled quality of products based on the natural formula of ingredients discovered two centuries ago.

At LifeBotanica, we are committed to delivering the World’s Finest Natural Supplements. Today, LifeBotanica carries the tradition started 200 years ago in Europe and brought to America.   Our products have become the standard of excellence for natural products that promote healthy longevity and youthfulness. Every member of our team shares an enduring, unending commitment to the principles of long forgotten innovators – their dream is now our mission and commitment.

LifeBotanica does not test our products on animals, nor do we engage with third-party suppliers to test on our behalf.


Our Scientific Advisory Board

LifeBotanica – is supported by a team of credited Specialists in the fields of Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Wellness.