As 2014 gets into full swing, it is a great time to think about choosing a full body cleanse. To me, the New Year is the perfect time to detox!

The truth of the matter is that at the beginning of each year most of us think of health resolutions. Either that you want to lose a few pounds or just to cleanse your system from Holiday fiestas and to restore your body to optimum health.

I just returned from a great vacation, missed the first big snow storm in the New York but on my return in the plane I must have contacted a virus which stayed with me for quite a while. It is very unusual a cold to last so long but you are not going to believe what I was told by my doctor. Many Chronic illnesses and infections are coming from some of our favorite foods – one of examples is Chicken bacteria.

According to an article in the December 2013 issue of Consumer Reports 97% of raw chicken breasts sampled contained varieties of illness-bearing bacteria. The chicken breasts were not just our run-of-the-mill, caged-in, junk-food chickens, but included organic brands as well as those labeled “raised without antibiotics.” The most common bacteria detected was Enterococcus (occurring in 79.8% percent of the samples); E. coli was the next most common (65.2%), campylobacter (43%), klebsiella pneumonia (13.6%), salmonella (10.8%), and staphylococcus aureus (9.2 %). To illustrate the danger of hosting these pathogens, as just one example, the most commonly found bacteria on the chicken samples: the critter Enterococcus faecalis can cause life-threatening infections including endocarditis, meningitis, urinary tracts as well as kidney infections.

When we are healthy we generally have the immune capacity to ward off the destructive effect of these microorganisms. When they get the better of us we take antibiotics in the mistaken assumption that the antibiotics can and will “kill” the pathogens.

With those problems in mind, the most disturbing finding reported in the Consumer Reports piece was that nearly half (49.7%) of the chicken samples contained at least one type of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and another 11.5% contained two or more types of multi-drug resistant bacteria.

So that being said, “we are what we eat“, seems very true. But now everything around us, especially our own home, has plenty of toxic factors.  Believe it or not, toxins are abundant in fake trees, plastic ornaments, scented candles and in many of the new items we receive each year as gifts. Not to mention the exposure to who knows what as we travel in airplanes and on the road, as in my case. In our lives today, toxins are everywhere!

And during those wonderful family celebrations, many of us find we have had a few too many carbs, whether in the form of cookies or perhaps glasses of wine. Look, I do not want to preach abstinence from the joy of foods and drinks, no need to feel guilty. We all exceed sometime when we get together and enjoy company.  The solution to all this MUST be to Detox your Kidney, Liver and Pancreas. I detox numerous times a year but January it has become for me a ritual right after holidays. If you decide to cleanse please pay attention, choose a product, like LifeBotanica Day& Night Detox, with pure internal cleanses ingredients.  It is important to cleanse your main organs which will help you boost your immune system.

Enjoy 2014 with a fresh, new perspective on your Health. Cleansing offers you that. You may shed those few extra pounds .You will be glad you did.


To your Great Health!
Petronely Grindea
LifeBotanica CEO & President