Thirty four years ago I left my homeland of Romania seeking prosperity in America. With a heart full of determination, I found my success working in the fast-paced corporate world of cosmetics and developed a passion for making others feel beautiful and vibrant.
I was working harder than ever before, and eventually the long hours and extensive travel left me exhausted. The stress wreaked havoc on my body and I began experiencing severe back pain. Local doctors and conventional therapies failed me. After going through eight physicians and several unsuccessful treatments, I decided to revisit my roots and returned to Romania and search for a cure.

In Romania I spent time rejuvenating at a wellness spa on the secluded Black Sea where I was immersed in a variety of therapies and introduced to naturopathic herbal remedies. There among onyx waters and blooming vegetation I began to feel relief. Just a few weeks and nature had filled me with peaceful energy.

I learned that the powerful botanical supplements given to me were produced in Romania. Nearly two hundred years ago these significant methods were discovered and refined by the distinguished Dr. Hatieganu and his family. Today, blending those nineteenth-century traditions with extensive modern research, the manufacturer has created a whole line of astoundingly effective remedies. Knowing how my native country’s healing traditions could be a revolutionary source of holistic wellness to others, I quit my job and focused on founding a company passionately dedicated to bringing these botanicals to America. The age old therapies of pastoral Romania were born anew and LifeBotanica was formed, moving forward with modern laboratories, established new research, and an unparalleled quality of products based on the natural formula of ingredients.