Our Rich Heritage

In the nineteenth-century, a select group of Romanian Pharmacists figured out the connection between our earth and total wellness within the body.They discovered special healing properties that existed in a select species of plants and herbs that grew in the lands where they lived. They discovered that these rare plants and herbs have natural nutrients within that cleanse toxins, flush fat, boost vitality, cure ailments & reverse the aging process with no side effects.

The rumors about these plants effectiveness and healing properties quickly spread to the Royal Court within the Austro-Hungarian Empire and in 1883 these rare plants and herbs gained very special attention by the Emperor himself. With their regenerative healing and anti-aging traits it was determined to introduce these plants into compounds that would cure ailments & reverse aging. Since then the grand tradition of botanical healing has carried on, and today modern laboratories established new research that not only explore but expand upon the tradition which it was founded upon. The unparalleled quality of these products are based on the natural properties which these plants and herbs hold. Here at LifeBotanica we have embraced 200+years of traditional European wellness and wisdom that promotes health with natural remedies. Since our product is not chemical based you do not have to worry about side effects of any sort And with a modern approach to producing this highly sought product we have found a way to keep cost extremely affordable . Lose weight, stay active & attractive. use Lifebotanica.