Let’s get real here. Weight loss is hard. If you’ve ever tried (and failed) to lose weight, you know what we mean. Starting a new diet or workout routine is easy but sticking to it can feel almost impossible. Everyone here at LifeBotanica is committed to helping you get healthy.

Staying at a healthy body weight can help ward off disease and make life easier. One of the ways to keep a healthy body weight is with a regular detox. A good detox can flush toxins from your body, support organ health and even boost weight loss!

One of the incredible ingredients in our Kidney Detox supplement can make weight loss easy! This post is all about dandelion root and how you can use it to boost weight loss this spring. We’re sure you’ve heard about all the amazing benefits of this powerful herb. Dandelion root can help you lose weight in 3 ways:

  1. Dandelion root can help you get rid of extra water weight.
  2. Dandelion root can slash belly fat.
  3. Dandelion root can make exercise easier!

Say Goodbye to Bloating!



Here’s how dandelion root can help you lose weight: It reduces bloating by getting rid of extra water weight. One dose of dandelion root can help you lose water weight by releasing extra water as urine. It can even help you have more bowel movements. [1]

You can think of dandelion root like a reset button for your body. It flushes out extra urine and waste products for a fresh start. Dandelion root also soothes inflamed joints so your body can get rid of even more water. [2]

Another way dandelion root can help with weight loss is by slashing belly fat. 

Banish Belly Fat With Dandelion Root



Dandelion root can help you get rid of stubborn belly fat. Dandelion root can help you lose weight by slowing down fat absorption. An animal study showed that dandelion inhibits (lowers) pancreatic lipase activity. [3] This enzyme is released during digestion to help break down fat.

Without it, fat doesn’t get absorbed well. The less fat you absorb, the less fat your body stores! (Did somebody say bikini?) Research shows dandelion root works like the popular obesity drug Orlistat. Some data shows Orlistat helps reduce belly fat but it can lead to other digestion issues over time. [3]

One day dandelion root could be a safe alternative to drugs like Orlistat. We still need more research about the safety and effects of dandelion root before we get there. In the meantime, you can use this natural supplement with dandelion root to lose weight.

You can lose even more belly fat by combining dandelion root with exercise. This works especially well because dandelion root can make exercise easier! 

How To Use Dandelion Root For Weight Loss



The best way to shed pounds is by burning more calories than you eat. Exercise isn’t always easy to do though. (it’s usually hard!) Your busy schedule can sap your motivation to work out. Well, dandelion root could make that a thing of the past by making exercise easier.

An animal study showed dandelion root increases physical endurance in mice. [4] By increasing physical endurance, dandelion root can make exercise easier to do. Extra endurance could be the boost you need to start exercising regularly. This makes dandelion root a great option for weight loss.

We still need more research to confirm this effect in humans though. Until then, you can try dandelion root for yourself to make your weight loss journey easier. After all, there’s plenty of evidence to show how safe dandelion root is! [5]

Bottom line: Can dandelion root help you lose weight?

Yes! Dandelion root can help you lose weight. It can have an even stronger effect when combined with other ingredients.

Here’s the thing, dandelion root is only ONE of the amazing ingredients in our Detox Complete formula. 5 other powerful ingredients combine with dandelion root for a whole body detox. Flush out toxins, support your organs and boost weight loss with Detox Complete. Order your bottle today!


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