Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. You can have a slim, beautiful body in no time at all by following the right steps. If you’ve ever started a diet only to give up a few days later then you know how frustrating it can be. It’s hard to stick to a new way of life. And when you don’t see results on the scale right away it’s easy to give up.

Regular exercise is key to having a healthy body but sometimes life gets in the way. You have plenty of roadblocks standing between you and the body of your dreams. The best way to stick to your weight loss program is by making it easier to lose weight. You need a boost in the beginning to kickstart your weight loss.

We designed our Detox Complete supplement to help give you the boost you need to have the body of your dreams. It all comes down to following a few simple steps each day. Before you achieve a slim body that turns heads you need to know what really works for weight loss.


What really works for weight loss?


Crash diets and extreme weight loss programs can’t give you lasting results. While you may lose a few pounds in the beginning, most of the weight you lose will come back before you know it. It’s hard to know what really works for weight loss. Here at LifeBotanica we want to help you have a slim and healthy body. We back our health and wellness tips with quality scientific evidence.

So, you can trust the information you get here start using it to get your dream body right away. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is a balance of eating less calories and regular exercise. Burning more calories than you take in is a proven way to lose weight.

But you want to know more than how to lose weight. You came here to find out how to make weight loss easier! The triple action weight loss formula in our Detox Complete supplement can help you do that.

Each bottle contains natural herbs and plants that help you burn fat and lose weight fast. One way it does that is by helping you get rid of belly fat quickly. Shedding extra pounds fast will motivate you to keep going!


How to get rid of belly fat quickly




We all know how hard it can be to get rid of stubborn belly fat. Sometimes it seems like even with diet and exercise it never seems to budge. Even worse many people pack on more inches of belly fat every year. While extra belly fat is annoying it can also affect your health.

Belly fat is one of the most dangerous types of fat to have. It’s linked to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even some forms of cancer. While diet and exercise will help, you can slash the time it takes to get rid of belly fat with Detox Complete. That’s because every bottle includes dandelion root.

Dandelion is a great choice for anyone who wants to boost their weight loss. A recent study found dandelion root may work the same way as a popular anti-obesity drug, Orlistat. [2] Orlistat works to lower belly fat by slowing down digestion.

Some scientists believe dandelion root can do the same thing. You can use dandelion to help you get rid of belly fat quickly and have a slim body. Another way dandelion root helps you lose weight is by getting rid of extra water weight.


Can Dandelion Root help you lose weight?




Yes, dandelion root can help you lose weight. The unique thing about dandelion is it can help you shed extra water weight fast! Dandelion is a diuretic which means it helps release extra water weight from your body. Dandelion tells your bladder to urinate more and flush out extra water. [3]

This gives you immediate relief from water weight and bloating. So you can finally be free from all the extra weight that’s holding you down. Dandelion root works fast to give you immedite weight loss relief!  The second ingredient in our triple action formula is stinging nettle.

Does stinging nettle help in weight loss?


Stinging nettle is another powerful plant that can take your weight loss to the next level. It works along with dandelion root to help you drop water weight fast. You know how hard it can be to start a new diet or exercise routine. It’s even worse when you don’t see any results after sticking to your weight loss plan.

That won’t happen when you start using Detox Complete. It gives you immediate weight loss results that last! Stinging nettle works with dandelion root to help you drop extra water weight. [4]

Once you see an immediate drop in your weight on the scale you’ll have the confidence to keep going. Our triple-action formula also has a third ingredient to keep weight off after you lose it. So you won’t need to worry about regaining lost weight like you do with crash diets. Those diets are nothing more than a quick fix but they can’t give you lasting results.

We designed Detox Complete to give you the best of both worlds. So you can have immediate weight loss AND long lasting results. The third ingredient in our formula is green tea extract. It can help you get better results from your weight loss plan.

Does green tea really help you lose weight?


Green tea has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal properties. It may improve brain function, prevent cardiovascular disease and even lower your cancer risk. But does green tea really help you lose weight? Yes, it does! NIH scientists found high doses of green tea extract can lead to significant weight loss. [5] We use organic green tea extract to boost your weight loss results!  

So, how can you make weight loss easier?


Sticking to a weight loss routine can be hard. One of the best ways to boost your motivation to lose weight is by seeing fast results on the scale. Dropping extra water weight can help you say goodbye to bloating.

While crash diets are popular, the results don’t last. Our triple action formula can help you drop extra weight fast and keep it off. Order your bottle of Detox Complete today to make weight loss easier!




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