Liver disease could be lurking beneath the surface in your body waiting to strike! It’s more common than you think. The American Liver Foundation says over 100 million Americans have some form of liver disease. [1]

A damaged liver can lead to dangerous health problems and even death. Detoxing your liver cleanses it of harmful toxins that don’t belong in your body.

The problem is there are hundreds of different liver detoxes on the internet. How do you know which liver detox is best for you?

You should choose a detox that cleanses the liver and promotes a healthy body. Our Detox Complete Night supplement is a natural way to cleanse your liver.

Of all the premium ingredients in our formula, milk thistle is one of our favorites. It’s a powerful ancient herb that protects your liver and boosts your body’s health.



What does milk thistle do for your body?


For over 2,000 years people have used milk thistle to protect their liver and stay healthy. But what exactly does milk thistle do for your body? Well, the key to milk thistle’s powerful effects lies in the fruit and seeds of the plant. That’s where milk thistle’s active component silymarin, is.

Silymarin helps your liver in many different ways. It works to restore liver function and it can even help a damaged liver make new cells! [2] Your liver helps clear your body of harmful substances like drugs and alcohol. So, it needs protection from these substances to stay healthy.

That’s where silymarin comes in. Research suggests it can help protect the cells and tissues inside the liver. [2]

Silymarin also works as an antioxidant to lower the amount of free radicals in your body. [2] Free radicals are unstable molecules that pair with antioxidants in your body.

When your body has too many free radicals it can cause damage to your body. Since silymarin works as an antioxidant it can help protect your body from this damage.

Is it OK to take milk thistle every day?


You can take milk thistle every day without worrying about side effects. Your body reacts well to silymarin and using it daily does not cause problems for most people. It’s important to not overuse milk thistle though.

Only use supplements that have appropriate doses of it. Our Detox Complete Night supplement has safe doses of milk thistle. Learn more about this liver cleansing supplement here.

What are the pros and cons of milk thistle?


There are many pros to using milk thistle. One of the main benefits of using milk thistle is that it can help promote a healthy liver. Having a healthy liver is crucial to your body’s health. As an essential organ, the liver performs hundreds of functions to keep you alive.

Your liver removes toxins from your blood, breaks down food for energy and helps your blood clot. [3] Since milk thistle protects your liver’s health it helps make all this possible.

Cons of milk thistle: Taking too much milk thistle can have side effects. While the right dose of milk thistle is safe to take, taking too much of it can cause GI issues. Upset stomach, diarrhea and constipation are a few of the side effects of taking too much milk thistle. [4]



Does milk thistle detox the liver?


Milk thistle works as an antioxidant to lower free radicals in the body. You learned earlier that too many free radicals can damage your body over time. Well there’s another bonus benefit of using silymarin as an antioxidant:

Scientists think it has a detoxifying effect. [5] We still need more research to prove this effect in humans though.

Is milk thistle worth taking?


Milk thistle is SO worth taking for anyone who wants to keep their liver healthy. Liver health is essential to whole body wellness. So, if you want to stay healthy and give your body what it needs, try milk thistle today!

Now you know how milk thistle can protect your liver – and even boost your health! Silymarin from milk thistle’s fruit and seeds makes all this possible. Most people can use milk thistle without side effects but it’s important to take the right dose.

Our Detox Complete Night supplement has safe and effective doses of milk thistle. The BONUS benefit of our supplement is you get 3 other liver-cleansing ingredients!

Together these ingredients work to cleanse your liver and keep it healthy. Order your bottle now to take care of your liver and boost your health!


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