Tips on Choosing the Right Cleanse

The summer is over and the kids went back to school, now it is time for you to think of yourself for a moment. Recently I read that paying attention and taking time for yourself, is the most unselfish thing you can do. Why you may ask? The writer is claiming that the happier and healthier you are, the better your treat your loved ones .So doing things for yourself is actually helping you to be more generous and giving to your family.

So what is better way to begin the fall season than with the rejuvenating power of a total-body cleanse and detox? Nowadays our bodies are exposed to more harmful toxins than ever before—from the air we breathe, our food and water, and even the products we use every day. Over time, those toxins can build up in our cells and tissues and contribute to poor health, which is why regular cleansing and deep body detox is so important!

Your body uses seven channels of elimination to filter and eliminate contaminants: the lungs, liver, lymphatic system, kidneys, skin, blood and bowel (or colon). But, because of the increasing number of toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis, our cleansing organs are often overwhelmed. Herbal internal cleansing provides the added support the body needs to help eliminate toxins and promote vibrant health.

Choosing the Right Cleanse, the Right Detox products
If you have never cleansed before, try starting with a gentle, total-body cleanse made for first-time users. Look for one formulated with whole herbs (which are milder than deep-cleansing herbal extracts) as well as a blend of enzymes and nutrients to enhance digestion and absorption. More often than not, first-time cleansing formulas will include a gentle colon cleanse to support healthy elimination.
For experienced cleansers, an advanced total-body detox is often the next step in the body cleansing process. Advanced formulas will typically contain concentrated herbal extracts in addition to whole herbs and minerals for a more potent, deep-acting cleanse. They may last up to 21 days and are designed to support all seven channels of elimination as well as promote bowel regularity, as well as preventing potential dehydration. There are many products which work at cellular level helping your main organs to detox your kidney and liver.

Following a total-body cleanse, enhanced cleansing formulas can provide targeted support to specific organs or areas of the body. For example, a natural kidney cleanse formula may include herbs such as stinging nettle, Burdock Roots, Couch Grass, Wild Pansy, some blend of antioxidants  eventual cranberry (??), parsley and dandelion to support healthy kidney, bladder and urinary tract function. Likewise, a comprehensive liver cleanse will often contain a blend of liver-specific herbs, Milk Thistle, Wild Carrots, Dog Rose, antioxidants and amino acids to promote healthy liver detoxification.

Tips for a Healthy Season
As the seasons shift, so do our normal daily routines. In addition to herbal cleansing, be sure to take steps to preserve your health during the fall and winter months, when weather changes and cold step in people tend to be less active and holiday foods can throw our healthy habits off track. Remember to drink plenty of water with lemon , which helps with cleansing  and to drink in the morning before breakfast , follow a healthy diet, find time to exercise regularly—even if it means moving your workout indoors, but a brief walk will do daily.

Detoxing and colon cleansing have been an important wellness component in Europe for centuries, and it naturally goes hand in hand with overall well-being and a healthy lifestyle. Research shows that body cleanse is the key to illness prevention and ultimately could be a way to better health, optimal weight and longer life.


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