The environment is becoming more polluted each day and the air we breathe is somehow contaminated with different toxins. Don’t you know that the developing way of living brought about by the advancement of technology has adverse effects to our health? Every day, we travel from one place to another, exposing ourselves to the unpleasant contaminants in the environment.

The Carbon Monoxide released by the fuel combustion from vehicles and other engines reduces the amount of Oxygen that reaches to our body organs and tissues, thus, aggravating heart diseases which results to chest pain which is a disturbing thing.

Aside from the contaminated air outdoor, polluted indoor air also has unfavorable effects to our health. Smells from the household furnishing chemicals may be trapped indoors, especially if the building’s heating facility makes use of airtight spaces and less ventilation. In this scenario, less fresh air gets indoors and the concentration of the air pollutants such as tobacco smoke, pollen, mold, asbestos and carbon monoxide in our homes increases. There is a great possibility that we could breath this contaminated air in, bringing toxins to our system.

How can we avoid the adverse effects of this lifestyle when we cannot limit ourselves in using vehicles, household care and heaters? These things are essential for us to live conveniently, but we should not forget that to live conveniently, our health should also be taken good care. Well, an essential thing to keep ourselves protected from any undesirable effect of our lifestyle to our health is a total body cleanse.

Total body cleanse is a complete removal of toxins in our body. Toxins are harmful as they are capable of causing diseases through interacting with the enzymes and other macromolecules in the body, if absorbed by our body tissues. Different toxins have different effects which may be minor or deadly. This is why a detox diet is essential to be part of our lifestyle.

Life Botanica offers a Total Body Cleanse product that will surely be a great thing to add to our detox diet. The Detox Complete Day and Night is formulated with natural ingredients to detoxify our cells. This effectively works on our Kidneys, Pancreas, and Liver which are most prone to harm brought about by toxins. It further helps digestive, circulatory and excretory systems in improving metabolic disorders and fatigue, acting as Botanical Shield for our organs against harm.

Detoxification through a detox diet will help increase our energy level, thereby renewing our ability to deal with stress. This helps recharge and renew our cells which are essential to have  healthy mind and body. Detoxification effectively rejuvenates damaged cells caused by alcohol, sugar and caffeine intake, fighting adrenal fatigue and giving us healthy adrenals as well. Healthy adrenal glands help our body and mind deal with stress we face everyday.


Don’t you know that deep-rooted toxins in our body also has something to do with our emotions? According to Healthline, emotions such as depression may cause aches and pains, induce cognitive changes, weaken our immune system and trigger constricted blood vessels which may, worst, lead to a heart attack.

A healthy way to relieve depression, anger and anxiety is do fitness actions. Fitness actions and exercises do not only effectively flush the toxins out of our body, thereby relieving the stress caused by anxiety, but also promotes energy, supports weight control, and improves luminosity of our skin pores. Thus, Life Botanica’s 21-day Detox Diet Plan comes with Free Fitness Action Series Guide for us to do several finess actions to begin the process of health, mind and emotional healing.

Total body cleanse is not only about physical rejuvenation, but also emotional vitality. With renewed body, mind and emotions, we can surely have that focus on our goals and plans, and new ideas will surely come up our minds with our healthy brains. It is like refreshing every part of our being through clearing out toxins, thus feeling alive and awake everyday. Detox Diet regularly reestablishes our bodies natural rhythm in a gentle way.

Life Botanica’s Complete Detox does not cause dehydration, is not harmful to our intestines and does not require fasting which can only damage our health. Certainly, Life Botanica offers the best ways to fight against  the adverse effects of our changing environment. To learn more about Life Botanica’s Detox Diet Plan