“Total body solution,” which targets body, mind, and spirit, continues to draw interest from various entities in the spa and wellness and cosmetics industries.  The idea is to create a “bridge” between the inside and the outside. To achieve the perfect beauty, one must be beautiful inside and out, and this can be achieved through the complementation of supplements and cosmetics.

Having an extensive experience in the spa and wellness industry, Petronely stands as a strong advocate of “beauty from within” achieved through holistic treatment. LifeBotanica is the realization of her desire to promote “beauty from within.” Her wealth of experience and years of research have led her to conclude that a person must simultaneously and equally feed the body and the skin with the right elements to achieve optimum result—feeling good in the inside and looking great on the outside. Petronely recognizes the fact that wellness happens when the body is healthy, which will reflect on the outside.

In a survey generated by SRI and GSS of over 100 participants, eighty-one percent of consumer respondents expressed high interest in improving their personal wellness. Fitness and nutrition are seen as key areas in the achieving of this goal. In view of this, Petronely has developed a strategy that improves personal wellness, as well as enhances beauty.

The special formulation of LifeBotanica—inspired from a 200-year-old European tradition of using botanical elements to effectuate healing and promote beauty—makes it one of the best in the market. LifeBotanica’s Detox Complete Cleanses and Hydrates the body at cellular level. Its Age-Defying supplement works by Repairing damaged cells and Restoring their healthy functions. On the other hand, cosmetics, also packed with powerful formulation, serve as a topical booster which Rejuvenates and Restores the skin.

“Total body solution” is the sophisticated bridging of supplements and cosmetics, to produce overall health and beauty, wellness.

To your life,