There are a lot of various anti-aging products are being introduced in the market today. However, no matter how studies engaged in finding out how to formulate the best anti-aging products develops, the key in formulating the best anti-aging products is still found in red wine, after all these years.

Red wine still stands to be the best anti-aging constituent because of its abundance in anti-oxidants. An anti-oxidant that is present in it called Resveratrol naturally combats aging. Since it is present in high concentration, it effectively inhibits the reaction of the free radicals in the body that trigger aging and some age-related diseases. It also stimulates the Sirtuin – an enzyme that promotes DNA repair and cell regeneration, allowing it to function well.

Such anti-aging benefits of Resveratrol in red wine has been proven by history. French individuals who regularly take a dose of wine have been recorded to have a very low heart disease rate. Aside from that, Resveratrol also lowers the chances of acquiring diabetes and Alzheimer’s, keeps the brain intact, and improves memory even in old age. Moreover, as it wards off the aging process, it also makes one’s skin glow and exude a youthful beauty, and reduces the risk of pre-cancerous skin lesions. Hence, the anti-aging route it does to the body is both beneficial to feeling and looking younger.

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