AGE DEFYING is our latest product that utilizes the power of all natural ingredients to extend your youth while it benefits your health holistically. Not only will you regain the energy of your past, but the difference will also be apparent in the physical condition of your body and its internal organs. Our product supports your cognitive and visual functions, as well as your general well-being by warding off disease and keeping your heart beating strong. Powerful antioxidants synergistically boost your immune system and vitality while lowering your risk of disease. Looking young and, very importantly, feeling young  and healthy are our primary goals with the AGE DEFYING product.

Complete List of Benefits

  • Activates the Sirti1 “Longevity Gene”
  • Promotes Cell Rejuvenation
  • Provides Maximum Antioxidant Protection
  • Regulates AGE Protein Development
  • Prevents Ilnesses and Helps Fight Cancer
  • Naturally Detoxifies Your Body


Because oxidation processes in our body are linked to many diseases, antioxidant supplements are often recommended by health care practitioners. An antioxidant is a substance that neutralizes a free radical (also known as an oxidant) by donating one of its electrons, thus preventing the radical from damaging other molecules. Antioxidants can also work together synergistically to create enhanced health benefits, as seen in AGE DEFYING. Some of these antioxidant components may not have relevant biological activity individually, but together, they interlink to create a defense system that protects against disease associated with oxidative stress.

A crucial component to AGE DEFYING is ResVinol Tm.  Current research into resveratrol points to its amazing anti-aging properties—hence it was dubbed “The Fountain of Youth“. This is because resveratrol is thought to stimulate the SIRT1 gene, which helps slow down the aging process. Not only this, but this gene is also responsible for reducing fat stores during low calorie diets. Thus, an added benefit of this product is weight loss. ResVinol R is a registered Trademark of Ethical Naturals. In sum, it exhibits anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant , cholesterol lowering anti –bacterial, anti-fungal ,anticoagulant, and liver detoxifying effects.

Other Active Features

Grape Seed Extract 95 % OPC: Aids conditions such as ADD, as it helps regulate the neurotransmitters in the brain and inhibits the breakdown of norepinephrine and dopamine. It is known to protect nerve tissue and brain tissue by penetrating the blood brain barrier.

CoQ10 & R (Coenzyme Q10) and Alpha Lipoic Acid: Both of these components are supported by high quality research as beneficial to heart health, diabetes/ blood sugar management, gum & oral health and overall anti-aging.

SetriaTM—Glutathione– This is the most powerful antioxidant, as it protects cells from the damaging effects of oxidative toxins.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin– Both are carotenoids that benefit eye health by filtering harmful high-energy blue wavelengths of light; they act as antioxidants in the eye,

Proprietary Super Fruits Blend– Studies show that berry antioxidants (such as anthocyanins) are beneficial for cardiovascular health, reducing age-associated oxidative stress, and improving neuronal and cognitive brain functions.