Purify and Protect your body, look great and feel great!

The 1-2-3 Approach to a Healthy Detoxification will put you in control of your health and show you how quickly you can purify your body for a better, fuller life!

Do you suffer from headaches, fatigue, excessive bloating and gas, or, oily skin? Would you like to look and feel better than ever?

Don’t worry – it’s not just you. Virtually everyone living the modern lifestyle has stored up a veritable waste dump of chemicals and Toxins in their fatty tissues.

Unfortunately, these nasty Toxins can interfere with a variety of Metabolic processes, and result in many physical and mental maladies. The good news is that by Detoxifying, you can rid your body of many Toxins and help promote Immune System Function to sustain the ongoing benefits of purification.

To make the process easier, LifeBotanica has developed the “1-2-3 Approach to a Healthy Detoxification“.

Simply follow these 3 easy steps for 3 weeks to support and promote your body’s own Detoxification mechanisms:

Step 1 – Eat a “Clean” Diet:

Consume a clean, Whole Food diet rich in Vegetables, Fruits, and Fibrous Foods such as Whole Grains and Legumes, which all have an Alkalinizing impact. Likewise, try to avoid Acid-forming Foods, like Dairy products and Animal proteins. Generous portions of Cruciferous Vegetables should be eaten daily with sparing amounts of Olive Oil, as well as Onions, Garlic, and modest amounts of lean, unprocessed Meats or Meat alternatives.

A great way to focus on Fruit and Vegetable Vegetables is to make them the centerpiece of each meal. Try juicy Fruits for breakfast, a leafy-green Salad for lunch, and a combination of Vegetables for dinner. Also, choose Organic whenever possible. Organic foods are free of Pesticides and other harmful Toxins.

Step 2 – Drink Plenty of Liquids:

Our bodies are primarily made up of Water, so it is clearly essential that we consume adequate amounts of Water daily. In addition, Water is a chief agent in the Detoxification process. While it is best to drink Water above anything else, consuming other liquids can have similar beneficial effects. These liquids include hot or cold Herbal Teas, as well as Fruit and Vegetable Juices.

Try squeezing your own Juices or blending all-Fruit Smoothies for a pure and tasty treat. Keep in mind that Soda and Milk are not the best choices for a “clean” diet during Detoxification. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of liquids daily, at least half of which are pure Water.

Step 3 – Take LifeBotanica Detoxcomplete:

LifeBotanica’s Detoxcomplete includes Daytime and Nighttime Herbal Formulations to provide your Liver, Kidneys and Bowels with support for Detoxification. This step is crucial because these are the primary organs used to eliminate dangerous Toxins from your body.

Take 3 LifeBotanica Daytime tablets before or during breakfast, and 3 LifeBotanica Nighttime tablets at bedtime. Enjoy the benefits of Milk Thistle and natural antioxidants to boost natural elimination during the day, and a combination of Herbs to soothe your entire system at night.

The 2 LifeBotanica formulas work extremely well together to eliminate impurities already in your system, as well as arm your body against the Toxins you encounter on a daily basis.

Frequency of Detoxification

Once you’ve completed the 3 week Detoxification Program, how long should you wait until you do it again? For most people, a quarterly Detoxification is just the thing to keep them feeling great. Therefore, once every 3 months is appropriate.You might think of it as a seasonal cleaning – Detoxify in the winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Please see our Detailed Plan For Life Changes, Diet, Weight Loss, created especially for you by the famous Scientist Gene Bruno, the known author of “Aliments & Natural Remedies”, and the co-author of Medicinal Herb Primer and Dietary Supplement & Drug Interactions Primer. See our Complete “A Healthy Detoxification Plan” under the “Detox Tips” section.