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Natural and clinically proven ingredients provide optimum nourishment, naturally fostering good health, vibrancy and an overall sense of well-being.

Our Top Sellers For You To Spring Into Health!

Detox Complete Body Cleanse System

Day and night formulas support a healthy liver and kidney, while boosting immunity

Detox Complete Liver Cleanse

Night formula liver detox and regeneration, while promoting weight loss

Age Defying Renew & Revitalize

Formulated with CoQ10 & Resveratrol, it naturally boosts cellular function.

Sleep Deep

A natural blend formulated to aid the body in more restful sleep


Probiotic 40 Billion

Boosts digestive health and helps replenish healthy bacteria


Discover the Right Product for You

Discover the Right Product for You

The Science Behind LifeBotanica

At LifeBotanica we channel over 200 years of European wisdom into creating the purest health products to help reset your body’s systems. Using the very best natural, alternative therapy products and holistically balanced programs, our mission is to promote continued health and fitness.

LifeBontanica’s proprietary formulas are well-balanced between science and nature. Supporting holistic health, our clinically proven ingredients cleanse the body at the cellular level and directly promote rejuvenation. The LifeBotanica line also contains powerful antioxidants, such as Resveratrol, that work to increase genetic health. By stimulating the SIRT1 Gene through genetic nutrition, the aging process is slowed down and signs of aging can even be reversed.

A premier figure and leading authority in the Spa and Wellness industry, Petronely Grindea has worked with industry giants, such as Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder to help transform the lives of countless individuals.

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What Our Customers Say

“The Difference is LifeBotanica…”

It helped me feel supercharged to start the day

– Jennifer

I feel wonderful after the three weeks…

I feel wonderful after the three weeks…My focus has improved and I’m sleeping much better” 

– Gregory

“Another successful experience”

Another successful experience. After completing the Detox Complete program, I tried the Bain Power, and I’m so happy I did!

– Christopher


“Speechless… I love this new found feeling I have after taking Age Defying Renew & Revitalize”

– Irene

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