My Bloating Finally Ceased to Exist…

“For me personally, I feel full of energy. By the end of the 2nd week I experienced this wonderful feeling of lightness. My constant burdensome bloating finally ceased to exist. I was never able to understand how anyone could accomplish a full body detoxification after so many years of toxin exposure and consumption but now I absolutely do! I recommend LifeBotanica DetoxComplete to anyone willing to go on the offensive and finally take their health seriously.”

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The Difference is LifeBotanica…

“I just turned 56. I am in a very active transition into menopause. It is the hardest time to lose weight and the most important time in a women’s life where health has to take center stage. I’ve been attempting to lose 40lbs. 

Every pound is a hard battle. Even though I was exercising 5 days a week and doing everything right nothing was changing. Then a friend suggested I try detoxing my body. I am not a fan of detoxing methods. 

I also happen to have a background in supplementation and holistic health because of my work so I know the difference between hype and reality. 

What made me try the LifeBotanica Detox Complete was not only the science behind the product but also how easy and realistic it was to take. I’m happy to report that I broke my 15lb goal this morning. The difference is LifeBotanica.” 

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I Could Not Believe How Exceptional I Felt…

“I never believed the validity of detox products until I tried out the Life Botanica 2-Step Detoxcomplete program. I enjoy drinking and partying on the weekends, which can leave my body worn out. After 3 weeks on this program I could not believe how exceptional I felt. My body was rejuvenated and full of energy. Even my friends say that I appear to be behaving as if I’m 10 years younger.”

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Carlota EstebanAs someone who works 60+ hours a week and can’t get a break from the stress, I was eager to try something to fix my body. My energy has been low and I just feel unhealthy all the time. That was until I tried Detox Complete. My energy has increased, I’m eating better food and I feel Great!

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Francisca SotoIf your looking for a kit to help you feel brand new, this is it. What’s great about detox complete is that you don’t have to drink anything that tastes bad, the kit comes with two day and night packages. So during the day you feel good and when you wake up the detox has been working all night.


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Lynn HarrisI have taken Life Botanica Detox Complete with amazing results! I feel wonderful after the three weeks, and even sooner.  I took advantage of taking more time for myself during this detox phase.  I did yoga, read inspirational sayings each morning, ate very well and organic, slowed my daily pace and relaxed more.  Also, I did not have my usual glass of wine.  It was a great “me” time.
 I did blood labs pre and post taking this Detox, the results were significant.  That is proof alone!  Just eliminating the toxins that are in our body is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.  Life Botanica Detox Complete is the best way to achieve these great results:) Thank You Life Botanica. 

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Estrella Caban LMT“I started on the “Detoxcomplete” 21 days ago and I am very happy to report that I feel great! I lost 10 pounds without any effort. My appetite has changed I don’t have the cravings that we very well know are caused by toxicity in different organs of the body. My bowel movements have been very regular during the 21 days. I had one colonic and it was more productive than usual. Years ago I had been diagnosed by an Iridologist with inability to release toxicity through my skin and one of the things I noticed was that my skin dropped a layer all over my body ( for lack of a better term) and now I am able to perspire! My ability to focus and stay on task is happening without much effort. The level of energy is even through out the day not jittery and when I go to sleep I have no trouble falling asleep. Besides being a Colon Hydrotherapist, Massage Therapist, Meditation Instructor and a few other things I am 58 years young and Grandmother of 3 (10 months old, 3 years and 4 1/2 years old) so you know I need energy to keep up with them. This 21 days I felt the best I have in years! Thank you so much for bringing this product to us! I highly recommend it and I have suggested it to some of my clients with excellent feedback.”