Liver Support

liver support

Health publications teach the public diet and exercise regimens to stay in good physical shape, but rarely educate us about the importance of proper liver support. After the brain, the liver has the highest number of functions in the body, making liver support a priority to maintain proper health. One of its most vital roles is removing toxins from our bodies. The American diet, rich with sugar, hormones, and harmful additives, does not lead the average person down the path to good health. If the liver were not able to do its job, those toxins would stay in the bloodstream and eventually show up as disease. Unfortunately, for many, by the time we become aware of poor liver function, the liver has already begun to fail.

Imagine if you ran your air conditioner without ever changing its filter. After just a few months of consistent use, the filter will be caked with dirt. Now imagine your liver doing the same job inside your body and how hard it must work with a buildup of toxins in its way.

With proper liver support, you can restore your liver’s health, metabolism, and stave off disease. Most people have heard of gall stones but may not be aware that you can also develop liver stones. Stones in both organs can completely block the bile ducts and cause a long list of side effects. Bile is responsible for absorbing minerals that are delivered throughout the body. If the bile ducts are blocked, that nutrition cannot be delivered.

What Does Proper Liver Support Look Like?

Life Botanica has simplified the process of maintaining a healthy liver by combining all the nutrition essentials to rid your liver of toxins and infuse the liver with the support it requires to generate healthy liver cells in our Detox Complete Night – Liver Cleanse supplement. Taken in the evening, Detox Complete Night works while you sleep to provide ongoing liver support by removing toxins and maintaining liver health.

Here are some common questions about liver support:

What is the correlation between drinking coffee and liver disease control?

While there have been studies performed of subjects who drank alcohol to measure if drinking coffee could lower their risk of cirrhosis, those studies did not account for other cirrhosis risk factors such as obesity and diabetes (Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics).

Coffee does exhibit some antioxidant effects and anti-inflammatory properties; however, it cannot undo the negative effects of obesity or excessive alcohol consumption.

Coffee has also been shown to cause liver stone formation.

What are some foods to lower liver enzymes?

Fatty liver disease causes liver enzymes to increase. Your doctor can test your ALT level to determine if your liver enzymes are at a normal level. The normal range is 7-35 U/L in women and 7-40 U/L in men.

You can lower your ALT level naturally with a combination of diet and exercise. Citrus fruits are particularly helpful in lowering liver enzyme levels.

How to help liver pain?

The stomach, liver, gall bladder, duodenum and intestines all occupy the area beneath the rib cage and issues with any one of them may seem to be liver pain; however, the liver does not have pain receptors but the sac that encases it does. Often, the pain the people think is originating from the liver is associated with gallstones.

Taking good care of your liver also means eliminating toxins from your diet and not smoking. Life Botanica’s liver support gives your body the nutrition it needs to cleanse the liver naturally and help restore the youthful you from the inside out.

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