You know what they say—you should start the New Year right. So if you know that you have indulged too much during the holidays then you should consider detoxing your body for a healthier start.

Of course leaving things in the past can be really difficult. Cleaning one’s mess is never easy, but discipline and commitment to start anew can go a really long way. Here are some easy detoxifying tips to help you clean up.

Jumpstart your day by drinking hot water and fresh lemon. Doing this will give your body a little time to adjust before you eat your breakfast. Yvonne McMeel, resident nutritionist at Urban Retreat, Harrods says, “Your digestive system will love you for this.”

Not all fluids can hydrate your body. Alcohol, and caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, tea, and cola can actually dehydrate your body. So you better consider cutting your intake. If you are drinking more than four caffeinated drinks a day, it is not good that you detox before cutting gradually for a week or two.

Seasonal and organic foods can also do wonders to your body. Foods that are close to nature help you detoxify the safest way. Yvonne McMeel suggests that if you don’t understand the ingredients of what you’re about to eat, then avoid it!

Take nature-inspired supplements. Not only are they proven to deliver the same benefits but they are also very safe. LifeBotanica’s Detox Complete allows you to detoxify without the ugly side effects. A few capsules a day will help you eliminate bodily toxins.

And don’t forget to exercise. You don’t really have to go through the strenuous process to look your best. Walkimg, yoga, and pilates will already do the trick to condition your body. They are also known to have a calming and restorative effect to your body.

Take these few practical tips for a better year ahead. Love your body today. Detoxify and enjoy a healthier and a more beautiful life.