Here is the SECRET of  Slowing  Aging

Is it possible to slow the aging process?

Yes, you CAN SLOW THE AGING process. How, one may ask ?

One way is to supplement your nutrition because today’s mass produced foods lack the vital nutrients our ancestors had. So if you can’t get the nutrients from the food, you’ve got to introduce them with supplements.

Another way is to avoid toxins at all costs. The amount of toxins in the air, food and water is simply staggering. And no government bureaucratic can help you fix that, you’ve got to fix it yourself.

Every day you turn on DR. OZ , pick up a magazine, or even during those late night TV commercials……someone is talking about taking charge of your health and fighting back in today’s toxic world.

Yes, you can slow the aging process……with proper nutrition, avoiding harmful chemicals and occasionally detoxing your body to rid yourself of dangerous substances.

LifeBotanica’s – Petronely, the founder, has dedicated herself to this this major life concern. Working in beauty industry for over 25 years with giants Elizabeth Arden and Este Lauder she understand that aging process has to be a combination of “Beauty From With In “ with treating body first and then treating face with Skin care products for maximum results. It is not enough to use skin care products to reach that goal, one must look at how you can help body from inside and bridge to the outside.

As a result Petronely with a team of scientists lead by the  Dr. Sultana Haque from London School of Science, after long research, they successfuly came up with a revolutionary formula, a formula meant to change people life, a Genetic nutrition formula.

The Age Defying formula created by LifeBotanica Labs is unique on US markets. LifeBotanica is bringing to the market 200 years of European Tradition of Botanical healing with advance research and innovative scientific technology.  Age Defying –Anti Aging Vitamins, it`s uniqueness is based on combination of powerful new anti-oxidants with genetic nutrition. Here are some of these exceptional benefits :

  • Activates the SirT1 “Longevity Gene”
  • Visibly Slows the Signs of Aging
  • Promotes Cell Rejuvenation
  • Regulates AGE Protein Development
  • Provides Maximum Antioxidant Protection
  • Our ingredients combine to protect your Brain, internal organs, skin, teeth and eyes
  • Helping you look and feel younger

The astounding fact is… You can protect your body and brain from age related decline with age defying vitamins

Age Defying draws its power from primary ingredient called Resveratrol 500. This unique supplement has been proven in studies to enrich your daily defenses against the environmental stresses, toxins and free radicals that can cause premature ageing.

But how does it Work?

Age Defying –antiaging Vitamin features various antioxidants that not only help reverse the signs of aging but actually also help to slow down the aging process at a biological level.

How is it possible?

Because ours is the 1st product of its kind to hit the US market that directly  targets the SIRT1 gene.

What is the incredible gene?

Also known as “Longevity Gene”, the SIRT1 gene is the key to looking younger and living longer.

Age Defying contains ResVinolTm which boosts the work of the SIRT1 gene, enabling it fights aging even more effectively and live a longer and healthier life.

Other significant antioxidants, such as Grape Seed Extract and SertiaTM, help prevent further cell damage by protecting cell membranes from oxidative damage, stop freeing radicals in their tracks, reversing the damage that causes wrinkles and body damage. Lutein and Zexanthin – Beneficial to eye health .

In short, age defying – as anti-aging vitamins combines  anti-oxidants power to combat aging through genetic nutrition by stimulating the gene that fights the aging process.

A combination of Anti Aging vitamins , good routine of exercise and good skin care products may give you the maximum results to stay young and beautiful longer without sign of aging .

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To your health,

Petronely  Grindea