21 Day Detox Diet Plan for Life Extension

What is DetoxComplete?

A complete life changing Detoxification Program based on a 200-year old European Botanical Formula that has improved and enriched the lives and health of many people throughout Europe!

Why does body detoxification matter?

The human body accumulates Toxins over time due to a variety of Environmental factors, such as Diets,  Water, or even the air you breathe. These Toxins may prevent your body from functioning as effectively as it should. Key Herbs are a major benefit in supporting its vital functions at the Glandular, Cardiovascular, and Digestive levels, and may help your body get Stronger.

The Key to eliminating toxins

But, in order to function effectively, your body has to eliminate those toxins. Body detoxification is the process of eliminating these toxins that have built-up, and Detox Complete is your best way to accomplish this.

Proven Formula for Complete Body Detoxification

Detox Complete has proved to be a magical formula that contributes to your body’s detoxification (purification and cleansing). It becomes extremely powerful when combined with a healthy diet and regular Exercise.

Popular detox diets promise to flush poisons from your body, purge pounds of excess fat, clear your complexion and boost your immune system. But experts say there’s little evidence that extreme regimens such as the Master Cleanse or Fruit Flush do anything more than lead to unpleasant, unhealthy side effects or giving serious side effects. Still, these super-restrictive eating plans are hotter than ever, thanks to being linked to lanky celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie. Beyonce Knowles attributed her 20-pound weight loss for the movie “Dreamgirls” to the Master Cleanse – a starvation diet whose adherents swallow nothing but a concoction of lemon juice mixed with maple syrup, water and cayenne pepper, as well as salt water and a laxative tea for 10 days. The idea of detoxifying or purifying the body of harmful substances has been around for centuries and cycles back into popularity now and again.

Here are a few type of Extreme Diets:

  • The Master Cleanse – Also called the lemonade diet, a fast that involves drinking only lemonade, grade B maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.
  • Juice fasting – A type of fast that calls for consuming only fresh vegetable and fruit juices, such as beet juice and wheatgrass juice, and water. Commercial juice fast programs include the Blueprint Cleanse.
  • Smoothie and shake fasting – Involves drinking pureed or blended vegetable and fruit smoothies, such as green smoothies.
  • Commercial cleanse programs – Specially designed protein powders, vitamins, nutrients for detoxification. Examples include the acai cleanse and Bowtrol.
  • Raw food detox diet –  Based on the raw diet.  Involves only eating food that is raw or hasn’t been heated above 118 degrees.
  • Ayurvedic detox diet – An Ayurvedic cleansing and rejuvenation plan called pancha karma.

Other diets that are sometimes used as detox diets include the brown rice diet, elimination diet,  candida cleanse, macrobiotic diet,  and a digestive cleanse.

Some plans restrict all solid foods and instruct dieters to survive on only low-calorie beverages for days at a time. Some other holistic diet involves an elaborate list of so-called acid-forming foods to avoid for three weeks, including seemingly healthy veggies and grains. Other will recommend different types of water or juice fasting, but very few have incorporated a full body, organ specific cleanse that has designed in this program. That’s why some nutrition experts sounding the alarm over possible risks from extreme Diets

Risks of Extreme Diets:

The consequence of Extreme Diets are Vitamin deficiencies, muscle breakdown and blood-sugar problems not to mention frequent liquid bowel movements are some of the seriously unpleasant drawbacks to these plans, which are skimpy on solid foods and often call for laxative. Because the crash diets can upset blood sugar, potassium and sodium levels in the body, people with diabetes, heart or kidney disease or women who are pregnant or nursing shouldn’t try them. Experts say. Children, teens, older adults or people with certain digestive conditions should also steer clear.

Although general fasting definitely provides overall benefits, targeted detoxing takes advantage of certain herbs, nutraceuticals, or alternative health protocols to greatly accelerate the process – particularly in regard to specific body systems or organs. The combined diet with an organ – specific Detox offers the most powerful cleansing program for overall health of the body. The specific detoxes include the colon detox, heavy metal detox, kidney cleanse, and finally the liver & pancrease


If you are considering a Detox diet, get the O.K. From your doctor first.

Choose a program from LifeBotanica 21, a program unlike other Complementary Alternative Medicines (CAM) and adjuvant programs, specifically offers much more customized regiment to match individual conditions, metabolic rate and lifestyle preferences. It is a healthy trend for individuals willing to explore the alternative therapy options besides the “safety of the status quo,” which is conventional doctors and their medicines. Despite all the claims of other programs and therapy regimes, the most critical aspect of selecting LifeBotanica Program is Integrative Longevity Platform.

Remember, Lifebotanica 21 is a completely natural, non-invasive, effective, and more economical than conventional practices with modest turnaround time of 21 days! Serious as well as trendiest spas offer this integrative platform under erudite and careful monitoring thereby avoiding your risk of self-diagnosis and treatment.

LIP is and effective tool for longevity, bien-Ãᵃtre, due to the cumulative effect of each component:

  • DETOX Day & Night Complete, complete cleansing supplementation
  • Diet encompassing eclectic nutritional regime
  • Fitness action series, ergomotricitẻ


Cutting back on high-fat foods, eating in moderation and consuming more vegetables and fruits may not seem as glamorous as starving yourself like a celebrity for days, but it’s healthier for you in the long run and certainly sexier than rushing to the bathroom all day.